Superficial Vein Thrombosis

Sometimes varicose veins result in further complications like superficial vein thrombosis. These veins rest near the surface of the skin, mostly in the legs. Symptoms of superficial vein thrombosis include tenderness in the leg, pain and redness in the skin. In patients with varicose veins, even a mild injury can result in inflammation. This inflammation makes the blood clot root more firmly to the wall of the vein. In a way, superficial vein thrombosis is different than deep vein thrombosis as these veins lack surrounding muscles, which can cause a blood clot to move. Therefore, there is a lower chance embolism.

How will you know?

A qualified doctor can diagnose superficial vein thrombosis. Usually, a physical examination is sufficient to diagnose the disease and no further clinical tests are required. However, in some cases, it is required to have clinical tests like Ultrasonography to confirm findings from physical exam. Ultrasonography gives a clear image of the veins as superficial veins are easier to explore. Ultrasonography not only confirms the doctor’s findings but also gives an accurate evaluation of the extent of its spread in the lower or upper limbs. It can also find out clots present in deep veins.

What to expect in treatment

The major objective of the doctor will be to lessen the inflammation and confining the superficial vein thrombosis from spreading further. Treatments are in the form of compression, physical activity medication and in extreme cases, surgery.


Various types of compression bandages are used in the treatment of superficial vein thrombosis. Compression bandages can come in the form of adhesive short stretch bandages, fixed compression bandages and graduated elastic compression stockings.

Be physically active

A sedentary lifestyle which involves sitting or standing for long hours puts patients already suffering from superficial vein thrombosis at risk. It may cause deterioration of the patient’s condition and the disease spreading to other parts of the affected limb. Therefore a certain amount of physical activity is necessary to contain the disease.

Surgical treatment

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